Document Productions

Everything in eDiscovery comes down to this final step, and if it goes wrong, everything goes wrong – so our expert team and innovative processes will help you make sure everything goes right, and right on time. We can also work with you to make sure you produce – and request – the right format, whether imaged or native or a combination of both.

Our proven quality control methodology implements QC measures from the time a scope of work is created, then tracks and documents changes and effectively monitors the work product through completion. Using extra layers of automation, Global delivers accuracy to guaranty that each production deliverable is consistent with the last. Your custom production standards are built into a template for our system so that you can maintain consistency for every new project.

Finally, when you get the data from the other side, we can help you quickly convert it and get it ready for your review as quickly as possible. Opposing counsel may attempt to play any number of games with their document productions, so if you need our Global Expertise early in the process (even during a Rule 26(f) Meet and Confer) we are here to help. If you do suspect problems, Global utilizes proprietary technologies to quickly analyze and audit any electronic volume for missing elements or inconsistencies.

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