Forensic Collections

Our Global Reach means that we can collect your documents and data from anywhere in the world, anytime, whether from your computer, your network, your mobile devices or your Cloud services. When you need forensic collection our certified, in-house expert team will provide you with a defensible, documented process that includes investigation and mapping of all potentially relevant data and sources. Our forensic examiners are licensed private investigators (as required in many jurisdictions) and have testified as experts in federal and state courts.

Our Global Expertise in forensics has been publicly proven in Judge Scheindlin’s famous Zubulake v. UBS Warburg, the case most often cited in eDiscovery. We were part of the team that devised an innovative methodology that extracted e-mail data into .pst format from HP OpenMail backup tapes, the type used at UBS Warburg at that time. Thanks to our work, the e-mails could be restored, provided to the court and proved to be the critical pieces of evidence in the case.